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Phone Call

Robert phoned about 9:30 MI time tonight. They were comfortably settled in a motel in Jackson, TN, probably about 5 hours from Collegedale. They'd left the pets a little stressed but settling in. The cats headed for beds, but the dog cried when they left. But they figured the animals would be happier there than in cages with them all weekend.

Bob just phoned from Korea also. This weekend is Chusok, their equivalent of Thanksgiving, when everybody wants to head to their family home. People are being advised not to travel if they don't have to, as trains and such are full, so Bob figures on lying low. His Sunday class is canceled, too.

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Update on TX, Etc.

The current perambulations of our clan

Jeanette asked me to update you here on Robert and Kathy. I thought I wouldn't have time for a while, so she said she'd post a brief word, but then I decided to give up on some work I was doing, so here goes.

Robert, Kathy, 1 dog, and 2 cats left Lake Jackson at 2:30 this morning, when they couldn't sleep anyway. Mandatory evacuation for their area was to begin at 8 a.m., and they'd planned to leave at 4:30. He e-mailed me their plans, as I'm their contact person for Dow and family. Then he phoned about 12:30 MI time that they were about 90 minutes from Little Rock. They would go to Kathy's sister's home there, leave the pets, and then drive on until they got too sleepy, stay overnight somewhere, and go on to Collegedale, TN, to visit James and take him camping. Taking their camping gear forced them to leave behind the 4-5 cans of gas they were going to carry on top of the car, remembering the traffic before Rita, but by leaving this early they didn't need it. They hope they will have a house to return to next week. As projected now, Ike is headed straight for their place, and even the National Weather Service calls it "catastrophic."

Bob went to Korea 2 weeks ago, and I promptly got the flu, but I am improving now. Yesterday I made reservations to fly to LAX Oct. 9, attend a concert at Disney Hall that evening (Lyndon's last weekend there, and I've never heard one there, though he's given me tours), and then on the 13th-14th fly with him to SF and Seoul. Beth and the girls plan to get there 4 hours ahead of us, from Wellington. Bob is arranging for a van to pick us up. They will stay in guestrooms at our university for a couple of nights, then move to a downtown hotel when the rest of the Phil arrives to begin its tour of Asia. I will fly home Nov. 4.

They sold their San Marino home, finalized the day before Beth returned to Wellington a couple of weeks ago. Lyndon and the girls had gone earlier, to get them into school. Then a few hours after Beth's return, he flew to Beijing with the NZSO for the Olympics Arts Festival--had a great time, but said he'd tell me more about itwhen he sees me.

Laura is having a great time in Denmark, though she is kept too busy to write. I follow her activities on her Facebook page. She is in Berlin right now, chaperon for a 10th-grade excursion.

I have been helping a 92-year-old woman seminary professor here to prepare her autobiography for publication. I have postponed getting my new compuer set up until I am done with that, so it sits in boxes beside me as I limp along on my failing laptop.

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Hurricane Ike will hit Texas!

Checking into family who may be affected, looks OK so far...

9/11/08 Robert & Kathy live very close to the project path of the eye, maybe will be on the 'dirty north side'. Per Madeline, the evacuated this morning to beat the rush. They will be staying with family in Arkansas, then maybe also visit James in Tennessee. They have a brick home, so wind damage may be somewhat limited (lots of tree's however). Flooding could be serious however, they live in a very low lying area close to the coast.

Becky & Family live in San Antonio, which is farther inland and is forecasted to get maybe 60 mph winds. Bad, but more tropical storm then hurricane. Becky says her hospital has taken in some of the patients evacuated from Galvaston and she's been instructed to keep an overnight bag at the hospital. Danny & Connie are now living in Austin, so are out of the direct path of the storm, but may still have kids in Corpus Christi. Becky thinks they have all evacuated to Austin.

This is all I know so far, hopefully others can post updates or more accurate info as it develops.

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Update on Our Clan

Jeanette asked about us. We're a bit overwhelmed, as usual. I've been working hard on a 92-year-old friend's autobiography. She typed it in 6 weeks on an old manual typewriter. I had it scanned and have been correcting scanner errors and making revisions as she gives them to me. I should have entered it from scratch--so many scanner errors. And my computer keeps having problems, different ones all the time, and I have a new one unpacked on the floor of my study, for 4 weeks now, as I want to get this job done before I maybe can't function at all for a while. I also have now been told that Vista probably won't work with my WordPerfect, which is a dismal thought.'' Working as her agent, I want to get this ready for publication sooner rather than later. Her story needs to be told--45 years of teaching in the seminary, etc.

Bob has had trouble getting his visa, but it finally came yesterday. He had to postpone his flight, now will leave next Wednesday for Seoul and return Dec. 24. It looks as though I will probably go over mid-Oct. with Lyndon, a couple of days ahead of the Phil's Asian tour that starts there. Beth and girls will fly up from Wellington. Then I'll spend a few weeks with Bob there. He has been making arrangements for snowplowing, lawn-mowing, etc.

Beth's family visited about 4 weeks ago, Beth and the girls coming in on a Tuesday night from their visit in Pittsburgh, then Lyndon arriving Friday after flying back to L.A. for concerts in between. Every minutes was busy--shopping for clothes for the girls, picking blueberries and raspberries and peaches, going to Midway to get Lyndon, friends over for potluck after church, more friends for supper that evening, then their departure Sunday morning after a waffle breakfast, a walk in the woods here, and informing each other of estate issues for both families.

Lyndon and the girls returned to Wellington a week ago, and the girls are back in school. Beth flies from LAX tonight. Their house sold yesterday for sure. Beth arrives in NZ Sunday (losing a day), and Lyndon leaves on Monday with the NZSO for the Olympics Arts Festival in Beijing, then returns to L.A. in September. Beth has been meeting this past week at Loma Linda with some colleagues in research from Canada. She's also looking forward to her job as director of research for Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington--she put in 2 weeks before coming to CA, so she could mull over what she'd like to do with it. She's also still on 10% salary with LLU-SN. As soon as they get settled enough, the girls plan to start writing for the Adventist Review's "Kids' View" section.

About 3 weeks ago, Margaret and boys flew to Sacto and picked up a Prius they were buying, visited relatives in Calistoga, then drove to Beth and Lyndon's, where Kevin flew in for the next weekend. While Beth packed household stuff for storage and later shipping, M. entertained the 3 younger kids, and Lyndon took Kevin and Samuel shopping for a new violin for Sam. They got one that all were happy about. Then Kevin flew home, and the other 3 drove home via the Grand Canyon and I don't know what else.

James is still in Collegedale, working on a computer project. Laura is now in Denmark, assistant dean of girls at a boarding academy. She's been there 3-4 weeks and absolutely loves it. If you're on Facebook, find her pictures there.

Paul and Sharon continue as usual, busy again with the start of school right now. He wrote that he will now have 2 classes of freshmen, rather than the one he's usually had, so he's getting pretty well loaded at CMU, plus his pastoral responsibilities.

That's a lot, but it's only a short paragraph about each member of the family--just the way it is. :-)


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Yes, I am out of town yet again

rain 101 °F

I am at the annual AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) convention in Pheonix this week. Yes, its very hot, and, did I say muggy? Last night I went out with my nephew, Becky's son, Raul Jr and his wife, Lynette. We went to a the Skeptical Chemist, one of her brother's 2 Irish Pubs. The Shepherd's Pie was quite good. We had a good talk and a great time. Raul said that although it usally rains in August, it hadn't in the past few years. It is rainng now. There were some amazing thunderheads earlier today. I have been quite busy with sessions, school reunions, which I am going to in about an hour, lunches, dinners, dances, visiting the exhibitors, etc. I am getting together with a lot of my colleagues I rarely get to see and meeting a lot of new ones. I spoke with one this morning who told me I was the first Naturopathic doc she had ever met, and I had let her hang around in my office for a day. Now she's in practice in Minneapolis. I really like to know that I am spreading the energy like that. Its great getting back to my roots like this. The talks have been informative and inspiring. I'm at my professional family reunion and I am dealing with the heat for it. It feels good.

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