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possibly an even better idea for us to do

if you've checked the skinboats webiste

you've seen that umiaks are large skin on frame boats for a whole family to build and use. We could get together as a family and build an umiak together, and we could use it as a family as well, no one would be left out because they didn't really want to go out in a small kayak, or build one. We could build as large or small umiak as we want, build one we can sail or paddle, make paddles, etc.

As some of you know and some of you don't, its a typical seattle summer day, cool and rainy. I'm sure some of you are happy you moved away and some of us are glad we stayed. Its been pretty dry the last month so the rain is welcome, actually.

Well, I'm off to build a paddle now. Que

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the correct url for Corey Freedmans skin on frame website

Ok, I admit I was wrong...

the correct url for the webpage is: www.skinboats.com. His email is umiak@skinboats.com, yes, umiak is a correxct name for his skin on froame boats. Great photos on the website. check it out.

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Here's an idea for an interesting family reunion

the family that kayaks together...

Ok, I will be making a skin on frame kayak within the next year. I will be making an Aleut paddle tomorrow. There is a man named Corey Freedman who lives in Anacortes, the jumping off place for the San Juan Islands. He teaches classes at the Center for Wooden Boats on making skin on frame (Aleut) or the misnomer of Russian (colonist) origin, Baidarkas and Aleut paddles. The classes cost $1100 when you take them at his shop in Anacortes, you can camp on the grounds, $1100 at the Center for Wooden Boats if you are a member, or $1300 at the CWB if you are not. (membership is $35 a year) If you take the class at the CWB it is a 9 day class. if you take the class in Anacortes, you can do it on weekends and take all the time you need. At the end of the class, you have a skin on frame kayak to keep. Actually, if you have priced good kayaks, that's not bad, and you have made the kayak yourself. and its beautiful and unsusual and will get a LOT of comments when you take it out.

So. I am going to make a skin on frame kayak next summer. If I do it alone, I will do it in Anacortes on weekends and do the family reunion wherever it happens. If enough of you want to do the class, we could do it together at the CWB or in Anacortes. On the last day we would make the Aleut paddles.

If you want to check it out, his website if skinonframeboats.com I think. If not I will put his website in the blog when I get home.

I paddled around Lake Union Monday and Friday in a skin on frame boat and an Aleut paddle. Aleut paddles are so much more ergonomically designed than "Euro" paddles I just have no words. It is so much easier on the shoulders
and takes much less energy to paddle. Skin on frame (sof) kayaks maneuver well, are lightweight, and go fast. Your kayak will be customised for you.

Can you imaging the family kayaking on Oakland Bay together in sof kayaks we have built ourselves? I can. I feels good. please let me know if you are interested in doing a class together.

Que Areste

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The Seafair United Indians of All Tribes Pow Wow

a multi cultural Sunday in Discovery Park

sunny 75 °F

Sunday afternoon, Vivian and I went to Discovery Park for the Pow Wow. It actually runs from Friday to Sunday. Many of the participants camp there or stay in RVs. It is held at the Daybreak Star center in Discovery Park, overlooking the Sound. There is a large grass circle above the center for Pow Wows. There were Indians from all over at the pow wow, and many styles of dancing and drumming. We ran into several friends there, ate Indian food, bought from Indian craftmakers and watched the dancing. There was dancing all day long, many ages and styles. I noticed that some of the outfits were pretty traditional, with intricate beading, fur,feathers and leather details, and traditional colors. Others were almost blindingly neon and bright. They also tended to have more fabric than leather.
Some of the beading was in bright colors, but not the neon stlye. Some of the neon costumes were very intricately sown.

I did find out what to do with my bison jawbones. There were several decorated bison jawbones for sale. They were painted and wound with leather for hanging as decorations. One woman I have met at various events told me her people have always boiled the bones in sea salt water to get the meat off and bleach them. Insects ate the meat off my bones, but I will see about getting a large old pot to boil them in, maybe when Vivian isn't home so she isn't bothered by any smell that may happen. Another guy told me he used peroxide to bleach the bones. I think I will try sea salt water first.

Vivian got a lovely print from an artist. She signed it. We are getting it matted and framed. I got a tile of a northwest style whale, a copper coin pendant of a spindle whorle. Spindles were used to prepare yarn, mainly mountain goat wool. The whorles (selseltel) were joined with spindles. I also got a hoodie with the picture of a dancing bear. It has bear paw prints up the sleeves. We also got gifts for various people.

I will try to download some pix soon

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You might also be interested to know that Laura, who finished her sophomore year here recently, has returned a couple of weeks ago from 3 1/2 weeks in Hong Kong. A Chinese business teacher here took a class there, taught a course, visited downtown businesses, did sightseeing. She had a wonderful time. In another 10 days or so, she leaves for Denmark, to be a student missionary, assistant dean of girls in a boarding academy there for the school year.

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