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How to Add Photo's from FLICKR

If you've already uploaded Photo's to Flickr, you can include them in your blog entries in Travellers Point. Here is how to do this.

Note 1: I'll be moving all the 'how to' articles to the Travel Guide/About section within the next few weeks (that is, as soon as I have some spare time...)

Note 2: This assumes you've already set up an account on Flickr and have uploaded or are uploading photo's there.

In Flickr:

Select a photo you want to embed in your Travellerspoint blog.

Click on the All Sizes option (above the photo)

Select the size that you want to display in Travellerspoint (this allows you to post a picture that is larger then the 800 x 600 pixal size allowed in TP. However, you may want to avoid using the largest size as it may not fit in the blog very well.)

Scroll down below the photo to the Box 2: Grab the photo's URL:

In the box, highlight all the text.

Press Crtl C (to Copy the text to your Clipboard)



That's it! Don't worry if it starts looking a little cryptic at the end, the process works and really just requires a few clicks.

Click the Preview button at the bottom of your blog entry to check and make sure it looks OK. (You may want to play around with the Flickr image sizes a bit.)

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Great detailed post. I've linked to it from http://blog.travellerspoint.com/191/ :)

by Sam I Am

Nice post, but unfortunately this doesn't work so well with the Flickr community guidelines. They say "that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website, the photo must link back to its photo page".

In order to do so you should go back to Flickr and "go back to the Flickr Photo page" (link on the top left corner) and then grab (mark it an press Crtl-C) the url from the address bar.
Switch back to TP, mark the whole line you just typed (the one with the image), click on the "URL" button and paste (Crtl-V) the link.
Now the picture is wrapped in a link, and when you click it, the Flickr page opens (in a new window).
Now everything's fine again, concerning the Flickr guidelines.

by pie4dan

I am pretty sure those guidelines are only relevant in case you're using someone else's photo. If you're using your own photos you've uploaded, then why is the extra link back needed? Of course just embedding the photo like this is also a link back to flickr really...

by Sam I Am

On reading http://flickr.com/guidelines.gne it does look like they've specified this, even if it's your own photo. Now that's just plain dumb of flickr.... but yes, pie4dan's previous comment gives the how to on that. Mind you, it's probably always a good idea to provide a link back to your full photo gallery, where-ever it's hosted if you have a lot more photos there.

by Sam I Am

Hmm, interesting comments. Obviously I hadn't read the Flickr guidelines, just the FAQ which gave the instructions.

It's back to the TP users then. I don't think most people reading a blog want to have to click to go back and forth to see the pictures, so perhaps the 'preferable' method is to just upload your photo's to TP in the first place? Some folks had already uploaded photo's to Flickr they might want to share, so that's why I was trying to figure out how to do this. I may try contacting Flickr and see if they're OK with the img= approach as long as we put "Courtsey of Flickr" under each shot?

by jl98584

"I don't think most people reading a blog want to have to click to go back and forth to see the pictures"

I totally agree, but they don't have to. The method I described is just an addition to yours; the image will still show up in your blog, but it is also a link, taking you to the Flickr photo page (in order to fulfill their guidelines).

by pie4dan

Oh - Now I've got it! I don't think that will be too much of a problem for me, but I hope it doesn't scare away less technical users. I've modified the instructions accordingly - so all should be fixed now!

BTW - took advantage of the larger image displays possible by linking from Flickr and put my screen capture there. This may take some expermenting to get the optimal combination, but it's definitely easier to read.

by jl98584

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